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Contributed by .rob   
Tuesday, 13 September 2005
Who can make webpages?
Anyone who has a Masseh College account can make a webpage. See "Creating Web Pages" for more information.

The webserver currently run Apache 2 and PHP  5. Cgis will be run via suexec. (This means the scripts are run as your username).

Linux Browsers
Name Command
Firefox /usr/bin/firefox
Solaris Browsers
Name Command
Firefox /opt/csw/bin/firefox

Windows Browsers
Name Command
Firefox 3.x

Start -> Programs -> Mozilla Software -> Mozilla Firefox 3.x

Firefox 3.5.x
Start -> Programs -> Mozilla Software -> Mozilla Firefox 3.5.x
Internet Explorer
Start -> Programs -> Internet Explorer

Log Locations
Log Type Location
Apache error log /www/log/users-error.log
Apache access log /www/log/users-access.log
Apache suexec log /www/log/httpsd-suexec_log

Documentation on the apache webserver software is at


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